1. Good morning! We hope you have a great day today. From Oscar & Elliot. Credits to @blangit #babysulcatatortoise 🐢❤️

  2. Productivity is Key

    With my week long vacation more than halfway done. It’s time to get back to work. I’ve gotten a bit used to sleeping in the past couple of days. But thanks to my Best Friend who has been better than my alarm clock, calling and texting me to wake up so I can get some stuff done early in the day, today started off on a productive note. Bills for the week were paid, and I was able to get back to the gym and hit a good run with Wyatt after visiting Bryan and our Baby Sulcata tortoises. Chad had another meet up with his future employer today (so proud of him) and I was able to get more reading done today as well. We all went to church at 8pm and studied a bit after as well. Here’s to getting organized and preparing for the days ahead. 

    16/365 <3

  3. Hi Oscar

    Jersey Fam were supposed to leave early this morning, but our Auntie succeeded in holding them hostage for a little while longer. I picked up Joy and Rhea with Chad then had lunch with the rest of the family at In-N-Out. We said our farewells at the house afterwards. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit them in the East some time this year. Right after they left, Chad, Bryan and I went back to PET KINGDOM and ended up bringing Elliot Jynar Thortoise and Oscar Tank Tyrone home earlier than expected. Such adorable little creatures. I can’t wait until they turn into dinosaurs. We stopped by Kim and Mar’s for their house warming party / my usana team’s presentation and then headed back home to take care of the new additions to our family. 

    15/365 <3

  4. On top of the World

    What a day. 

    I woke up early for choir practice. The original plan was to hike right after but we decided to wait until Wyatt got off work around 9am. Met up with everyone at the house and made a pit stop at Morse to drop off Joy’s extra credit posters then headed on our way up Cowles Mountain. It was the first time for many in our group and it’s been a while since I hiked up as well so we took it slow and steady. A real great sight at the top though. I’m so proud of everyone making it up crampless and conscious lol. Most especially Bryan who always used to decline our hiking invites. We retook our LOVE picture and headed down the mountain with food in mind. And of course what better way to re-engergize than high protein brisket!! More All You Can Eat KBBQ! Chad met up with us at Roadem, where we went through several rounds. Supplemented our digestive system with some Gelato at Cafe Hue and hit traffic hour on the way home. Had a bit of a freeway concert from my family while I rode with Chad. I thank him for letting me nap a bit more while he drove though the mess we call 4-6pm on the 805S. Made it home by nightfall. Cleaned up and met up again to go bowling, but that didn’t work out too well since they close early now I guess lol. Instead we picked up more munchies at 7-11 and watched Monsters University in the backyard. Yup.

    What a day.

    14/365 <3

  5. East meets West

    The first day of my week long vacation yay! How do I celebrate? with a snoozefest of course lol. The weekend was crazy busy. It’s never wrong to reward yourself with more sleep. I woke up just in time for the arrival of some of our Jersey Fam. Who needs the zoo when you can take your family to the PET KINGDOM! pretty much tagged along with Bryan for some tortoise errands. I’ve never seen so many reptiles outside of the zoo. Bryan was able to get his bedding for the tank. Slowly but surely preparing a home for our tortoises. Feeling crepes for dessert, so we stopped by Cafe Hue before visiting Wyatt at Dominoes. Watched him make that dough for a good minute, then went to Lolitas to bring a large tray of carne asada fries home for dinner. There are no diets in this family lol. 

    13/365 <3

  6. A Quarter of a Century of Blessings

    I can not thank God enough for today and all the other days of my life. It was a journey and I cherish it all. Sure there were slumps and bumps but I focus on the outcomes of those hurdles. They didn’t kill me, they made me stronger. Today was started off just right with a Worship Service where I performed for Choir. I then came home earlier than my parents expected. Their attempt to surprise me with a cake was too adorable. They didn’t know I was already in the room changing when I overheard them come home and talk about their little surprise. Mom then proceeded to make her spaghetti. Around noon, my Best Friend took me out for lunch at Stacked. Little did I know that this was a surprise luncheon with some of my family and our closest friends. My heart just burst. I may not have shown it as much on the outside, but my emotions, my feels! on the inside were just so happy. I’ve always been the surpriser, secretly always wanted to be the surprisee, and today I finally was. But wait, there’s more! I ended the day with more blessings by having the opportunity to teach the 6pm Children’s Worship Service in National City, after which we had a productive Kadiwa Caucus and after that another surprise cake organized by my Brother Bear Bryan, the red velvet cupcakes surrounded by reeses pieces was a laugh, and more chocolate cake and birthday songs?! Le sigh, today really was amazing. Thank you everyone for helping me start off my 25th year of living with a BANGnight lol. People come and go throughout your life for a reason, today God showed me who have always been there and who will always continue to be. And I’ll never let them go. Thank you thank you, family, friends, my Best Friend, God, Jesus, and how can I ever forget these 2…

    12/365 <3

  7. My Countrymen, My Bretheren

    The majority of today was spent well in Carson, CA. 

    I love convoying with Family, there’s just something about traveling together with your loved ones, most especially to a destination with an event as big as today. It was nice to see all the different locals in the District of SoCal as well as the many guests. As busy and long today was. I can only pray that the people that were able to hear the sermon and visit the many booths benefited from His words and will continue to seek Him. All the several booths and their giveaways were wonderful. Although I was assigned to help in the Medical Mission, the number of nurses that came out to help was just so much, that I didn’t mind working on the outside basically as a walking campaign for the booth and First Aid. I’m proud of my family members and my Best Friend who did their all for the Guest Relations Committee. My heart was happy seeing all the guests and even members walk away with blankets other free supplies and enlightenment. Definitely looking forward to more Outreach Programs. 

    We ended this day by having dinner at Mr. Lee’s. How can you turn down All You Can Eat Korrean BBQ? ” Stacks on stacks of rice paper! And the family surprised me with an advanced Birthday Song before we left for Drinks at Cha2o lol. I love them. 

    11/365 <3

  8. SURPRISE!!! Lol happy birthday beans! We lurve you! ❤️😘 #hacked #birthdaygirl

    SURPRISE!!! Lol happy birthday beans! We lurve you! ❤️😘 #hacked #birthdaygirl

  9. Team No Days Off

    Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I love being a nurse. Helping people and giving people a sense of happiness is my passion. Do I currently like where I am employed, to be honest sometimes no. Today was very pleasant (despite the crazy guy who pulled the needle out of his arm) but there are days where you just want to punch a wall and eat ice cream. Rare, but it happens, it can happen anywhere, to anyone. But yet I stay, for more reasons than one. Tomorrow happens to be my day off, but am I really off? Nope, we’re still working. But this type of work is more bearable, meaningful and definitely something I love. The work of the Lord. What can I say? I like to help save people physically and spiritually. It may not be easy at times as well. Much sacrifice is required. But when you’re working and doing good to those who need it, blessings will outpour. And that my friends, no matter what anyone says, is greater than any monetary value you can earn. And here I am with my a couple of my main loves. Ready to tackle it all. Weekend Warriors. Lets go!

    10/365 <3

  10. "Marry your best friend. I do not say that lightly. Really, truly find the strongest, happiest friendship in the person you fall in love with. Someone who speaks highly of you. Someone you can laugh with. The kind of laughs that make your belly ache, and your nose snort. The embarrassing, earnest, healing kind of laughs. Wit is important. Life is too short not to love someone who lets you be a fool with them. Make sure they are somebody who lets you cry, too. Despair will come. Find someone that you want to be there with you through those times. Most importantly, marry the one that makes passion, love, and madness combine and course through you. A love that will never dilute - even when the waters get deep, and dark."
  11. Album Art

    Medley of Frozen Songs: Violin/Viola/Piano by Albert & Tiffany Chang (x)

    Love this, so much. 

    Frozen Medley
    Albert & Tiffany Chang
  12. 2 Corinthians 4: 8-9

    Today started off early with Worship Service. Where we are reminded to examine ourselves and our true value. What are we doing with our lives? How are we living? Are we giving God our Best years? Are we taking every advantage we have to work hard and do good? Just a few questions to always keep in mind. Morning worship service always sets a positive and motivating tone for the rest of the day. Breakfast with parents is aways enjoyable. Work was busy but manageable. Errands for Saturday were partially completed. Finished my portion of my paperwork and hung out at the house telling scary stories with some of the Bangs. Just like the good ol’ days plus some henderson hens. I relish good days like today. And in honor of my Best Friend’s job interview today…

    We’re ready to do work!

    9/365 <3

  13. Medio Litro

    I don’t always drink coke from a glass bottle, but when I do, it’s with my Best Friend (: I am thankful to be able to say we made it over humpday. The first of many this year at least. Today’s positivity has a lot to do with my excitement for upcoming events and lots of good news. I received more insight on a new duty I’m about to accept. Preparations for this Saturday’s INCEM and Outreach Program just got real. Winding down for dinner with my Best Friend. And I adore how my parents wait up for me in the living room til I’m home. Forever their baby. I see more busy days ahead, but the excitement and blessings to come overshadow any crack of doubt. As my Best Friend mentioned “Too Blessed to be Stressed” Cheers. 

    8/365 <3

  14. Cha3o

    They say routine can be boring. The past couple of days have been quite the same. Breakfast with parents, work, devo, starbucks, study and finally back at home. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it all depends on your perspective on things. Work can get pretty interesting, it’s a matter of what you project to the people you interact with. If you treat someone with respect and show genuine interest when you engage in conversation, positive vibes tend to generate. Of course there’ll be a scrooge here and there, but that’s all on them, not you. Don’t let someone else’s negative attitude ruin your moment of happiness. And my happiness? my happiness among many other things, are my Family. Knowing that I’m working hard to help them, that I’m working hard to ease the load and make them proud. Happiness in my Faith, my duties and last but not the least. Happiness with these two right here…

    An odd bunch to some, but expect big things from us this year. Motivation is key when it comes to getting work done. I’m pretty sure this Tripod will withstand whatever comes along the way.

    7/365 <3

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